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The woman had seen an advertisement on the television that told her that she could call one specific company and they would give her the quotes of all the other companies. She was immediately skeptical that the company would just tell her they were the best. Still, she liked the idea being able to be done with finding her insurance. So, she called them up. When they told her that they offered the best rates of anyone, she just couldn’t fight the nagging feeling that they were lying. She wanted to get done quickly, but she didn’t like being lied to. She wanted to find a middleman that could really give her all of the facts. She decided to go somewhere else for the car insurance quote. She told the person on the phone that she might be back, but she just couldn’t sleep well thinking she had been taken advantage of.

From there this woman tried to find the most reliable third party she could. She searched the internet and found a lot of fake sites. She weeded her way through these to find something that she had of before. Then, she realized that she had never really heard about anyone getting a car insurance quote from somewhere besides a company that also sold car insurance. She started to get a little discouraged but pressed on. She was sure there had to be a reliable place out there somewhere.

Finally, she just decided to contact each of the places separately and ask them how much it was going to cost. Each place she called offered to tell her what the other places charged. She wrote down what they said and then looked at her results. Everyone was saying the same things about everyone else, but everyone was saying something different about themselves. This made her think that everyone was cheaper than their quoted price.

So, it wasn’t the car insurance quote that she needed. What she needed was to find out which of the companies offered the best coverage because they were all going to charge her nearly the same amount. This meant that her homework had just started. Well, she was tired of all of this so she sold the car and decided to use the bus.

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